Sept'18 - After many years of testing, trialing and adjusting of recipes, we were pleased to introduce B-Mox seed enhancing formula to the market over the past few years. Many growers have since experienced the advantages of B-Mox, with stronger and more uniform crops and higher pack-out. They have often seen up to 15% higher pack-out compared to non-primed seeds.

We first started exploring B-Mox in colder climates like Denmark and the Netherlands and have continued testing in warmer climates such as Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. Overall we see the same positive results. As a result of more fully developed root systems, plants demonstrate improved stress tolerance and show better overall health throughout the growth period. The natural micronutrients that are used for the B-Mox recipes are all non-synthetic, which means that B-Mox seed is also highly suitable for organic cultivation. B-Mox has been certified organic since 2017 and is therefore now also bringing organic growers the benefits of stronger crops. As from this season the B-Mox seed formula will be applied to all primed carrot and primed rooted parsley seed.

Are you interested in knowing more? Our sales reps will be happy to give you sowing and cultivation advice and inform you in more detail.

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