To produce a healthy, uniform crop, it is essential that young plants get a strong start. That’s why we developed the innovative B-Mox® seed enhancing formula. Based on new technology, B-Mox® strengthens the power of the seed, bringing more energy to seedlings and stimulating their growth in the earliest stage.

Our international research trials have shown that our priming technology advanced by B-Mox® gives an average of 5 percent improvement over standard priming, as seen in the development of the crop. Many growers have experienced the advantages of B-Mox®, with stronger and more uniform crops and higher pack-out. 

They have often seen up to 15 percent higher pack-out compared to non-primed seeds. Customers report a positive effect on the storability of carrots as well.

B-Mox® is available for carrot and rooted parsley, and is always offered in combination with priming technology. 

B-Mox® for other crops

While we run trials in different climates we also continue our research into different crops. B-Mox® for onion and onion sets has been showing very promising results so far. 

Also organic

There has been a B-Mox® formula available for our organic assortment since 2017.