To produce a healthy, uniform crop, it is essential that young plants get a strong start. That’s why researchers and specialists at Bejo have developed the innovative B-Mox® seed enhancing process.

B-Mox® technology is applied by default to all primed onion seed, primed carrot seed and primed rooted parsley seed. B-Mox® is SKAL certified and permitted for use in organic agriculture.

B-Mox® improved priming
Based on new technology, B-Mox® strengthens the power of the seed, bringing more energy to seedlings, stimulating their growth in the earliest stage and improving the vigour of the plant. Throughout the growing period, plants demonstrate an improved stress tolerance and better overall health as a result of a more fully developed root system. This provides the grower with reduced risks during the vulnerable early growth phase of the plant, more stress-resistant plants, and higher yields.



  • provides stronger, more uniform germination
  • strengthens the plant in the earliest stage
  • stimulates better root development
  • reduces risks for growers in the vulnerable early growth stage
  • makes plants more resilient throughout the growth period
  • SKAL-certified and permitted for use in organic agriculture.
  • applied by default to all primed onion-, carrot- and rooted parsley seed

Research and field trials
Our international research trials have shown that our priming technology advanced by B-Mox® gives an improvement over standard priming, as seen in the development of the crop. Many growers have experienced the advantages of B-Mox®, with stronger and more uniform crops and higher pack-out. 

Dr. Liesbeth van der Heijden, Senior Researcher at the Bejo Seed Technology Department, is enthusiastic of its potential: “B-Mox® technology has been specifically developed for modern cultivation methods which emphasize a strong plant is less sensitive to stress. We are proud to be able to offer B-Mox® improved priming to our customers already for onion, carrot and rooted parsley and we will continue our research because in the long term we also see potential in other crops”.

Also organic
B-Mox® is SKAL certified and permitted for use in organic agriculture.