In our Iceberg segment we are very excited to introduce two new varieties: Bejo 24-094 and Bejo 22-083. Bejo 24-094 is the first variety ever developed for winter cultivation in Mediterranean climates.

It can be transplanted from early till late October, the main season in Spain, and can be harvested through January or February. Last year Bejo 24-094 was put to a test when Spain was covered in snow during January. Even in this unusual weather Bejo 24-094 stayed strong and withstood the cold. Bejo 24-094 has a lovely shape and good size.

Bejo 22-083 is our first Iceberg variety with Fusarium resistance. This summer variety is high resistant to BL16-33EU/Nr:0 and intermediate resistant to Fusarium (Fol 1). The new variety is mainly for southern Europe and also shows good results in more continental climates, such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia. With a large green head, Bejo 22-083 is perfectly suitable for both the fresh market and processing.

The last few years we have invested a lot in lettuce and have considerably expanded our assortment. Did you know our lettuce crops in general perform quite well when it comes to resistances? As an example, almost all our varieties with resistance BL16-32 are also resistant to the new Bremia race BL:33EU. Bejo continuously develops its breeding and research activities in lettuce to maintain a fresh look at lettuce.

Interested in lettuce varieties suitable for your market? Please contact your own Bejo sales representative or get in touch with the Bejo company for your area.